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Mixtape #1 – Acoustic Couch Vol.1: Noises from the Morning


Acoustic Couch Vol.1: Noises from the Morning

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Una selezione di brani che comprende canzoni da ascoltare nel primo pomeriggio, mentre l’aroma del caffè ancora si sparge nell’aria. Canzoni quasi interamente acustiche, da ascoltare a basso volume, mentre fuori il giorno muore.

1. Bob Dylan – Posititively 4th Street (from the album “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits, 1967)

2. The Lemonheads – My Drug Buddy (from the album “It’s a Shame about Ray, 1992)

3. Cocoon – On the Way (from the album “My Friends All Died in a Plane Crash, 2008)

4. Devics – In Your Room (from the album “The Stars at Saint Andrea, 2003)

5. Elliot Smith – Let’s get Lost (from the album “From a Basement on the Hill, 2004)

6. Belle & Sebastian – Like Dylan on the Movies (from the album “If You’re Feeling Sinister, 1996)

7. Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Song that We Sing (from the album “5:55”)

8. Pearl Jam – Man of the Hour (from the album “Big Fish Ost”, 2003)

9. Bedouin Soundclash – 12:59 Lullaby (from the album “Street Gospels”, 2007)

10. Radiohead – Gagging Order (from the album “Go to Sleep cd single”, 2003)

11. Mojave 3 – Between the Bars (from the album “Spoon and Rafter”, 2003)

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